Is post dating checks illegal in florida


As the economy continues to tank and dead beat debtors begin to pass more and more bad checks, I have found it to be a prudent time to revisit the laws pertaining to writing bad checks in Florida.

In general, the term ‘check’ means a draft, other than a documentary draft, payable on demand and drawn on a bank or a cashier’s check or teller’s check.

If the notice is sent via certified mail and the recipient refuses to claim the notice or sign the postal receipt, the statutory notice requirement is satisfied.

Any person who issues worthless checks may be prosecuted criminally under Chapter 832 of the Florida Statutes.

The form of the written notice demanding payment is required to be substantially as follows (“You are hereby notified that a check, numbered _____, in the face amount of $_____, issued by you on (date) , drawn upon (name of bank) , and payable to _____, has been dishonored.

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An instrument may be a check even though it is described by another term, such as ‘money order.’ §68.065 must be delivered by certified or registered mail, or by first-class mail, evidenced by an affidavit of service of mail, to the maker or drawer of the check, draft, or order of payment.

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