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), Perry's dropped from the sky in the night and thousands of fans immediately clicked "download" to hear the rest of the 15-track offering that the artist has described as the start of her new "era of purposeful pop."As it turned out, no one needed to worry The politically tinged "Chained to the Rhythm" was a most topical, catchy lead single, and Katy didn't bother to play coy about the meaning of "Swish Swish," but lovers' laments such as "Save as Draft," "Déjà Vu" and "Miss You More" are the ones that are really going to have the lyric detectives looking for hidden messages about love found and lost, breakups, makeups and declarations of "never again."Even the empowering tunes like "Hey Hey Hey" and "Pendulum" don't feel that far removed from the breakup songs.Don't a lot of moments of enlightenment spring from the end of a toxic relationship?

"Before rumors or falsifications get out of hand, we can confirm that Orlando and Katy are taking respectful, loving space at this time," reps for both parties confirmed to in February 2017.He and Taylor seemingly buried the hatchet a few months later at the Grammys.These two hit it off at a 2016 Golden Globes after party and took it from there, traveling to Hawaii, Italy, the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia and more.Neither Perry nor the DJ-producer (real name Thomas Wesley Pentz) ever confirmed they were more than friends, but they spent a lot of cozy-looking time together in 2014 after she and Mayer had broken up again.Either way, they were close enough for Diplo to raise a lot of Swifty hackles with a tweet about Taylor Swift's lack of a booty."You don't really want to move on…but you have to because they don't give you any choice. "When "Circle the Drain" leaked before came out in 2010, everyone assumed it was about Mc Coy, about which he told MTV News: "I heard she put out a song that's about me, or about some old habits or whatever... I'll always be there for her, she knows that." After they partied together on Valentine's Day night in 2009, word got around that the newly single Perry was dating the Good Charlotte rocker."oh kittens! "It's two pseudo famous people sitting next to each other...doesn't mean we were bumping uglies!

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