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In court, on June 23, 2000, Brice Taylor lost her daughter to state conservatorship following hertestimony regarding satanic abuse and MK-Ultra mind control of herdaughter and herself, and political corruption to the highest levels ofour government.Brice Taylor is concerned that while Kelly is understate conservatorship, her influential abusers will have access to herand may threaten or harm her to ensure that she does not attest to theabuses against both herself, her mother, and family.Larry Kingwas indicted by a Federal grand jury on May 19, 1989 and later tried andconvicted of fraud and income tax evasion directly related to the Franklin Credit Union matter. FBI- IRS RAIDOn November 4, 1988, the Franklin Credit Union was raided and closed bythe FBI and the IRS. Shortlythereafter, reports began to circulate concerning pornography,videotapes, and photographs which had been confiscated from the Franklin Credit Union by the FBI.Then, in a trickle- which soon grew to a flood-other allegations began to arise.Gunderson, FBI Senior Special Agent in Charge (Ret.), California P. License # 128782118 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 422, Santa Monica, CA 90403-5784Mail: P. Box 18000-259, Las Vegas, NV 89114(301) 364-2280 or (702) 791-5195; Fax: (702) 791-2906 SYNOPSISRussell (Rusty) Nelson: Russell Nelson, central figure in the Franklin Credit Union scandal (1989 to present), has evidence, includingphotographs, that implicates prominent law enforcement and politicalfigures, including two past U. presidents, in crimes of child abuse,pornography, kidnapping (e.g., missing-child Johnny Gosch), drugsmuggling, money laundering, illegal campaign financing, and illegalactivities by the FBI and CIA. Since 1989, much of the evidence has been confiscated from Rusty Nelson. In May, 2000, Nelson was takeninto custody for a parole violation in Nebraska and is to be extradictedto Oregon, away from the watchful eyes of his attorney, family, andfriends.

Gannon, made many secret tape recordings while he was a "front" reporter for the right-wing Republicans at the White House.

He claims that several very famous Christian leaders are also homosexual and that these work together with others in high political circles!

Our reporter advises us that both Russian and English language editions of this book will be printed and this promises to be the important study of the true and inner workings of the leadership of the American government!

These allegations involved drugs,sexual misconduct, child abuse, pornography- even satanic activity.

Thenames of prominent individuals in the Omaha community began to surfaceas those involved in these criminal activities.

Gannon claims intimate connections with not only Mr.

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