Irenaeus dating revelation


It would be remiss of any serious student of Revelation not to at least do a cursory examination of the historical context to which Revelation is back-dropped. If Revelation was written in 95AD, what event happened within months or few years of its publication that could be seen as fulfilling the great sense of imminence contained within its pages? But if Revelation was written around 64AD the question is easily answered by pointing to the great persecution which commenced in 64AD and the campaign against Jerusalem which began in 68AD.The first point of reference would have to be to determine when Revelation was written. It is therefore my thesis that Revelation 1-19 concerns events which were all fulfilled by 70AD when Jerusalem was destroyed. Revelation 20 then introduces a greater time period- "1,000" years, which I believe simply means .Added to this was the rise in false doctrine, an increase in spiritual routine and therefore a decline in authentic passionate love for Jesus.The Lord reveals through John that the wave of persecution against the Church was driven by the Dragon, no longer would his initial readers be lulled into thinking that they were engaged in some mere politico-ideological war- but a life-and-death Regarded as one of the leading exponents of the Book of Revelation, Dr Andrew Corbett in this 4 Part series on the Book of Revelation (presented as a seminar) is now available as a 4 Audio CD set. (2) The sixth "king" is presently ruling from the "seven mountains" and will do so until a king comes who will reign a "short time" (Rev. The preterist takes this to be a clear enough allusion to Nero Caesar.If I am right then we need to overhaul how we regard the future and our involvement in it.In contrast, the Left Behind series is based on the assumption that Revelation was written in AD 95, long after Jerusalem’s destruction.It asserts, in fact, that Revelation describes events that will likely take place in the twenty-first century rather than the first century.

In the case of most books of the Bible, determining the date of its authorship, while certainly important, is not necessarily crucial to its interpretation. I believe this is the physical return of Christ, which is also described in 2Thessalonians 1:7-8 as being "fire from heaven".This is how Tim La Haye puts it: “Revelation was written by John in AD 95, which means the book of Revelation describes yet future events of the last days just before Jesus comes back to this earth.” Dr.La Haye has gone so far as to dismiss the notion that Revelation was written before AD 70 as “historically ridiculous.” A closer look at the evidence, however, reveals not only that such dismissive language is unwarranted but that the late-date position is untenable. For it has not been long since it was seen, but almost in our own generation, about the end of Domitian's reign."And to give you confidence, when you have thus truly repented, that there remains for you a trustworthy hope of salvation, hear a story that is no mere story, but a true account of John the apostle that has been handed down and preserved in memory. For were it necessary that his name should be clearly announced to the present age, it would have been declared by him who saw the revelation.This has been based almost entirely on one vague statement by the second century Church Father, Irenaeus. Gentry on dating Revelation has concluded that it must have been written in the “mid to late 60s” rather than in 95AD- There are suggestive evidences within the book to date it in the mid- to late-60s of the first century. If Revelation was written in 95AD, then my beliefs are wrong.

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