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Judge Goldsmith "has failed to acknowledge the generous procedures and safeguards afforded to aliens in the immigration removal process, under which all of these aliens were lawfully ordered removed from the United States,” said ICE Acting Director Thomas Homan.“It’s even more concerning that the court’s decision overlooks the clear public safety threat posed by these aliens — the vast majority of whom are convicted criminals.Three German expeditions worked in Iraq prior to the First World War, at Babylon, at Assur, the ancient capital of the Assyrians, and later at Samarra, the Abbasid capital built by the Caliph al-Musta’sim in AD 836.Samarra was the first Islamic site to be excavated in Iraq.With war looming on the horizon, German scholars packed the antiquities they had unearthed into boxes to be shipped to Hamburg.The first shipment to leave Basra were 448 boxes of Assur’s antiquities.

This was in contravention of Turkish antiquities law of Turkey that stated antiquities were to be divided into three shares; one for the excavator, another for the Istanbul museum, and the final third for the landowner.

The British therefore, as the authority over Iraq, claimed that the Assur antiquities in Lisbon should be given to them.

But the three British authorities in charge of Iraq during the occupation, the War Office, the Foreign Office, and the India Office, had different opinions of how to deal with Iraqi antiquities, particularly the issue of who was the rightful owner of the items held in Portugal.

Several Iraqi immigrants who are in a federal detention facility in Ohio and face possible deportation had participated in a hunger strike earlier this month. filed their appeal on the last possible day since they had 60 days from the July 24th decision by Judge Mark Goldsmith. officials to show leniency towards the Iraqis detained since they would face persecution in Iraq.

But on Friday, the hunger strike ended, said an official with the U. Department of Homeland Security's Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)."On the hunger strike, the last two detainees began accepting meals" on Friday, Khaalid Walls, a spokesman for the Michigan and Ohio branches of ICE, told the Free Press. At the height, only seven detainees were monitored under hunger strike protocols."An attorney for 25 of the detainees, Clarence Dass, said while the hunger strike has ended, the detainees are now facing restrictions on the amount of time they're given to communicate with family and their attorneys. The case came about after a lawsuit was filed earlier this year by the ACLU and other groups and attorneys on behalf of Iraqis arrested and detained in June."There is a lot of frustration, a lot of fear in the community, because any moment now, they could be removed" if the federal appeals court rules in favor of the U. "Their lives could change."Dass and others have said the Iraqis are facing abusive conditions, including racial slurs. They Iraqis were legal immigrants, but have criminal records that makes them eligible for deportation.

Iraq was created by Britain out of the remains of three Ottoman provinces.

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