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However, a shortage of developers who understood the necessary changes, and performance problems arising from conversion to and from UTF-16, which is rarely used in a web context, led to delays in the project.As a result, a PHP 5.3 release was created in 2009, with many non-Unicode features back-ported from PHP 6, notably namespaces.requiring Windows 32-bit compatibility mode while using Internet Information Services (IIS) on a 64-bit Windows platform.PHP version 5.5 made the 64-bit x86-64 builds available for Microsoft Windows.R I am often asked if I can give an answer to the official reticence in the matter of flying saucers.I am afraid that there is no single reason, only a combination of circumstances, each contributing in their own way to a situation which would be ludicrous if it were really not so pathetic.

During the 2010s there have been increased efforts towards standardisation and code sharing in PHP applications by projects such as PHP-FIG in the form of PSR-initiatives as well as Composer dependency manager and the Packagist repository.No new features, unless small and self-contained, are to be introduced into a minor release during the three-year release process.However, as no requirement exists for PHP code to be embedded in HTML, the simplest version of Hello, World!PHP code is usually processed by a PHP interpreter implemented as a module in the web server or as a Common Gateway Interface (CGI) executable.The web server combines the results of the interpreted and executed PHP code, which may be any type of data, including images, with the generated web page.may be written like this, with the closing tag omitted as preferred in files containing pure PHP code The PHP interpreter only executes PHP code within its delimiters.

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