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During this period, the region routinely suffered turmoil, massacres, and battles.The 1763 Treaty of Paris ceded the Ohio Country to the British Empire.One-4 family townhouse building with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, a parking lot in rear, all hall full unfinished basements with washer/dryer hookups.Two-2 family buildings ( 4 level splits)with driveways, 2 bedrooms, 1 & 1/2 bathsunfinished basements with washer/dryer hookups.A large Irish population settled in the north along Naghten Street (presently Nationwide Boulevard), while the Germans took advantage of the cheap land to the south, creating a community that came to be known as the Das Alte Südende (The Old South End).Columbus's German population constructed numerous breweries, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, and Capital University.The area found itself frequently caught between warring factions, including American Indian and European interests.In the 1740s, Pennsylvania traders overran the territory until the French forcibly evicted them.

In the 18th century, European traders flocked to the area, attracted by the fur trade.As of 2013 The food service corporations Wendy's, Donatos Pizza, Bob Evans, Max & Erma's and White Castle and the nationally known companies Red Roof Inn, Rogue Fitness, and Safelite are also based in the metropolitan area.In 2016, Money Magazine ranked Columbus as one of "The 6 Best Big Cities", calling it the best in the Midwest, citing a highly educated workforce and excellent wage growth.After the American Revolution, the Ohio Country became part of the Virginia Military District, under the control of the United States.Colonists from the East Coast moved in, but rather than finding an empty frontier, they encountered people of the Miami, Delaware, Wyandot, Shawnee, and Mingo nations, as well as European traders.The city proper has also expanded and annexed portions of adjoining Delaware County and Fairfield County.

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