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Upon this visit, Court notices a Ryder Truck in the driveway.Finding the truck to be mysterious, she contacts local police and asks them to investigate.Its contents...a body...later identified as 23-year-old Denise Huber.Inside the house, detectives find more evidence the home had been visited by murder.

His defense team will also now take their appeals to the Supreme Court, a process that could take years to resolve.Orange County Deputy District Attorney Christopher Evans argued during Famalaro's headline-making trial in 1997 that Famalaro took Huber to a warehouse in Laguna Hills, where he sexually assaulted her and bludgeoned her to death.Famalaro then stored the nude, battered and handcuffed body in a freezer he bought a few days after the slaying, and kept it for three years while Huber's parents and friends frantically searched for her.They argued that his trial should have been moved out of Orange County because of prejudicial pre-trial publicity that allegedly contaminated the jury pool.But the Supreme Court, in a 56-page decision authored by Justice Joyce Kennard, disagreed.His scheme was uncovered in July 1994 when sheriff's deputies in Yavapai County, Ariz., investigated a report of a stolen rental truck, and came across the freezer in the back of the truck, powered by an extension cord from the small house where Famalaro was living.

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