Government mandating


Vaccination has been a widely adopted practice in the U. Yet last week, in North Carolina’s Guilford and Forsyth counties, as many as 1,400 students faced suspension because their parents failed to vaccinate them. Thomas Jefferson himself was a great proponent–particularly of the smallpox vaccination, which he received shortly after its development in 1796.The Schenectady County Metroplex Development Authority awarded GE million to help with project costs–a grant that will not have to be repaid, given GE’s commitment to retain the jobs.GE will keep a core team of about 50 employees at the plant, but felt it needed to downsize and re-examine the technology due to weak demand for the product late last year.

GE hailed the technology as a breakthrough due to its energy density, low toxicity and ability to be used at any temperature anywhere in the world.

This means electric vehicle manufacturers are building vehicles the public is not interested in and are losing revenue as a result.

For instance, Tesla Motors, an electric car manufacturer, recently indicated they would not earn a profit until 2020, two to three years later than expected.

GE invested 0 million in the plant and expected to create 450 jobs by 2015.

Rather than turning it into a billion dollar business as it originally thought, GE announced to its employees last week that it will be reducing the production rate at the plant and moving many of the employees elsewhere in the company, affecting about 400 employees.

These mandates have made the United States the world’s largest market for electric vehicles with about 90 percent of them sold in these 8 states.

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