Gentoo driver sd needs updating

Changes in components used on the production of these boards such as memory devices, may affect operation of the board, either positively or negatively.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Feel free to build the board yourself at your contract manufacturer of choice.

We have been successful in fighting back some increases, but we don't know if that will continue.

This version moves to the AM3358BZCZ100 processor as we are no longer able to get the limited production version of the AM3359AZCZ100. This extends the reset signal to solve an issue where some boards would not boot on power up. This change was based on an alert we just received from TI that there is a power sequencing issue with the TPS65217C power management IC and the power sequencing is incorrect.

This can result in supply and compatibility issues for those using them in a product.No changes in features or operation of the board resulted from this change. 1) Added optional zero ohm resistor to tie GND_OSC1 to system ground. This change connects the VDDS rail to the VRTC rail.We do not believe at this time, that the issue is causing any issues with the boards, but we want to comply with the directive. 1) Based on notification from TI, in random instances there could be a glitch in the SYS_RESETn signal from the processor where the SYS_RESETn signal was taken high for a momentary amount of time before it was supposed to.To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to: Creative Commons 171 Second Street, Suite 300 San Francisco, California, 94105, USA. If you have questions on any of this, you can contact Gerald Coley We have shipped a total 286,810 boards to date.ALL design materials are Open Source and easily accessible. 4/16......3,000 3/16......3,000 2/16......2,900 1/16......3,200 12/15.....2,800 11/15.....3,000 10/15.....2,500 09/15.....2,400 08/15.....3,000 07/15.....3,500 06/15.....4,297 05/15.....6,800 04/15.....7,104 03/15.....7,400 02/15.....6,028 01/15.....7,460 12/14.....5,274 11/14.....2,024 10/14....11,620 09/14....10,930 08/14.....6,797 07/14.....7,509 06/14....10,600 05/14.....7,500 04/14....11,297 03/14....12,698 02/14....13,050 01/14....13,575 12/13.....7,192 11/13.....9,298 10/13.....7,698 For a list of the confirmed working accessories please go to * Accessories Page Covered there are cables, power supplies, displays,etc.There are no licences involved in the usage of the Beagle Bone Black design materials.

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