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The district superintendent told KTRE last September that the policy Ries disputed “was in the handbook, and that was the policy at the time” but added that “that handbook is irrelevant” now that the prom has been cancelled.(Neither Superintendent Bryan Lee nor Central Heights High School Principal David Russell responded to The Daily Beast’s emailed requests for comment on Monday and Tuesday.)Policies excluding LGBT students from school dances have been challenged through various lawsuits, most notably in Rhode Island where a district court ruled in 1980 that gay student Aaron Fricke should be allowed to bring his male date to his senior prom.The district superintendent told KTRE that the event would “now be in the hands of parents to decide if they would like to plan something,” citing “increased pressure and liabilities and potential litigation.”And although the superintendent added that the ACLU letter “was not the complete reason for the cancellation”—citing “pressure, liabilities, and safety concerns” once again—Ries says she is still seen in the community as the troublemaker who got senior prom shut down.“I don’t feel blamed, I know I’m blamed,” Ries told The Daily Beast.“Everyone kind of knows it was because of me and I got a lot of hate because of that—especially [from] the seniors this year because it’s their senior prom.

I like to party an work when I need to I lived in the country all my life im funny, cool, like to make people smile I love kids I want one or two one day I'm respectful and thankful I love trucks an making peoples I love to cuddle especially on a rainy day 😊 Im sort of a high matenice type of girl. My family is the first thing on my mind and im more of a stay at home chill person but dont get me wrong ill party if its intended. I am a very romantic person, i treat my boyfriend like a prince, and now i wish to have a woman to call my princess. Single parent my family is very important to me, but i also enjoy " me time"!

John lennon is my all time idol and i just love being me. In a way, if i were to describe myself as what type of bisexual i am, i would be the "male" role in the relationship, which is why i wish to find my "woman." If i were to ever have a girlfriend, i would treat her like she's the best woman on earth. I try to be kind to everyone, because that's the way it should be. Iam pretty much an open book anything you want to know just ask.

Lots of kisses and hugs every day, cuddling on the couch, very hot, sexy intimacy, i would get her her favorite flowers spontaneously just to say "i love you." I'm just an all around natural loving person when i'm in a relationship with a man or a woman. I enjoy reading, dancing, going to the movies just whatever! i am divorced and have been for almost three years.

I have often been asked to comment on Jim Rawles’ concept of the Redoubt for survival relocation.

Rawles’ criteria of distance from population threats, defendability, and agricultural suitability focus upon a fairly limited area of the Western US, centered around Idaho, and includes Western Montana and parts of Eastern Washington and Oregon.

In reality, it’s a fine area and certainly matches my core recommendations in Strategic Relocation for security, safety and livability, but it may be too limiting for most people.

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