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However, we’ve worked hard to speed up the process and now it should take less than 25 minutes.When you’ve completed the process, we’d like your feedback on it.” The hospital implemented these key words and patient perception of care went up.They added: “While we do all we can, we are a hospital and some noise is inevitable as we’re caring for patients.Still, if it’s too noisy, please let the staff know and we will do all we can to keep things as quiet as possible.” Guess what?Yet, patient perception of the speed of admission process stayed the same.The issue was that the change was not explained to patients—so they had no basis for comparison. The recommendation was to say to each patient: “The admission process you are going to go through used to take an average of 47 minutes.Unfortunately, no improvement was experienced in the HCAHPS. The staff explained to the patients and family members that they wanted the unit to be as quiet as possible so the patient could get rest.They even explained the steps they had taken, such as the softer wheels and the elimination of paging.

I see healthcare professionals working very hard, taking many of the right steps, and I see their disappointment when those results are not there.Example 3: A hospital’s HCAHPS result on noise was not good.To remedy the problem, the organization had put softer wheels on carts, eliminated paging, and even purchased quieter keyboards and put up signs asking people to keep noise levels down.This raises a very logical question: No one knows what will happen as pay-for-performance really gets rolling, but it doesn’t matter.Organizations need to get focused on building strong, healthy relationships with their physicians, however they work together .The patient’s perception of care will improve and you’ll have a new appreciation for the true power of words.

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