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Yahoo is a prime resource for online criminals, much more than any other free email provider.That's saying something, since Yahoo isn't even as old as (say), which predates the commonly-defined internet by a few decades.In a very recent article in New Scientist Magazine, Nigerian scammers are referred to as "Yahoo Boys".This can't be good for Yahoo's image, their branding, or their reputation.

They certainly don't like it when the same stupid scammers keep sending the same stupid, old scam messages every single day for years on end.

I know I am not alone when I say this, and I would like to think that this issue is somewhere near front-of-mind for you as you take on the challenge of upgrading Yahoo's reputation as a pioneering Internet company, and not merely some long-in-the-tooth, out-of-touch mega-corporation that outgrew itself.

Yahoo is effectively providing a 100% free infrastructure to international criminal operations and has zero abuse reporting. I would think that in your new role as CEO, among the things that would make people respect your brand more would be taking a serious stand against this rampant criminal activity.

AOL had real problems with spammers in the mid-90s and was among the very first to employ processes like spam filtering to their email product.

My problem isn't one regarding comparisons about how infested with criminal activity one service is versus another.

It's clear that you've been kicking some serious ass since you've taken over as Yahoo's new CEO, and you have a lot of eyes on you as you shake up the entire Yahoo product roster, and change a lot of how Yahoo works, and what Yahoo means.

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