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There is an option to skip straight to e Harmony Mail, but I’ve found the 4 step process so effective that I rarely make use of this option.

I'm really hoping for the best in the answer, but if we can't, I understand.Each day you will receive new matches, there is no search option here.To communicate with your matches e Harmony has designed a very affective 4 step guided communication process.We do plan on putting up a pre-recorded short video of the cameras so people can see what they are like. Log in to your account and where you logged in you can "View Your Profile". Choose the radio button of the subscription you desire and scroll down to the "Upgrade" button. Hope this answers your question.~~~The Webmaster~~~Hello Kevin, You must be a registered "Lizzie Borden Community" and/or "Ghost Cam" user in order for the menu options to be available to you.Once you are on the "View Your Profile" page there is a "Subscription" tab and that is where you can upgrade your membership. ~~~The Webmaster~~~My ghost cam wasn't working at first, so i sent an email out, and almost immediately someone replied and not only fixed the problem but gave me a week of complimentary surveillance. If you log into your Lizzie Borden Community account and then go to the "Lizzie Community" menu item, then click on "View Profile" menu item, you will see your profile page. It is also a very reputable dating site and one of only a handful that are not inundated with fake profiles and scammers trying to rip you off.

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