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What law enforcement typically does is pose as an under age person and attempt to engage persons in the chat room to engage in illegal activity.

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Electronic communication by text has come in for all kinds of criticism this week.

A chiropractic physician voiced his fears over the increased incidence of what he terms "Text Neck", a condition where the practise of hunching over a phone is resulting in the first few bones of our cervical spine bending forward in an unusual way.

This is a fairly easy question to answer…of course the answer is yes.

However, one of the problems authorities sometimes run into, is proving who the person is that is actually on the chat.

It makes it difficult for one to scrutinize the other person’s face for emotion-laden micro-behaviors. Imagine this scenario: Three friends are out for lunch. This is very frustrating for me since I am deaf in my right ear and I then have to take action to position myself to have them on my left, but the person aalmost always over the conversation work their way back to my right?

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