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old girl, she is my life but I also need to be able to provide for her so I have to go to college (which I postponed until she was of schooling age) I was a typical teenager you know, the only difference is I forgot one time to make sure he was protected, one time. as well of 3 boys 6,8,11 yes I would also do everything I can to make sure they r ok but I made the choice to have them so I have to make sure I get out there and make the decision to b a good mom and get a steady job if u can even hold a steady job in first place should make... First suggesting that I get an abortion and then calling my best friend behind my back to ask her if she could convince me to do so.

Finding out you are pregnant at 21 is scary, but it's also not the worst thing that can happen...

Finding someone to help you scratch the itch doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Circle of Moms members have shared experiences revealing that there are plenty of men who are more than willing to sleep with a single mom on the first date or as a “friend with benefits.” So many, in fact, that single mom Andrea J.

Sometimes, working all day, taking care of kids for hours, or staying home can make you wish there were more adults to talk to.

(different fathers) my youngest father had abandoned us for a 16 year old girl when my son was 3weeks. his father had cheated through the 2 years we were together. I haven't told him, and I'm battling with myself on if I should.

While it’s reassuring to get advice from experts, sometimes you just want to get the opinion of other women who have experienced parenting firsthand.

Another reason moms may want to communicate with other moms online is to have some sort of interaction.

Latest: When last I updated this story, I had just sent off my evaluation form. who are not looking for a job while they're pregnant. of course he saw some of his friends from kindergarten in the stores getting school supplies...

floorboard's loose ceiling fan hanging what's that noise? mower broke backup busted weed-eater won't f-ing start. I answered nicely : "I don't have time for a boyfriend. Long story short, he is 20 and I'm 16, he was very controlling to the point of by 3 weeks after I moved into his place, he was all I had and he made me feel that everyone else was...

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