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The game slowed down as the talking took more of the attention, laughing and teasing.

Stoned and tired, at about 1am I log off the game and prepare to watch a tv series in bed.It started off completely innocent, but one night, we were both chatting but were bored with the game, so we just cam chatted each other for awhile, doing silly things, and showing off the stuff we own, which didn't take long since Colette lived in small dorm, and I only my bedroom.So as the night went on, we had run out of things to talk about, except 1 thing, that Colette loves all things British (oh ye, I'm British), and to prove it, she showed me her favorite bra that she was wearing.She was wearing nothing but a bra underneath, 'comfort is my style' she would say.I was astonished, I only imagined dirty things but now it was really getting heated. Awkward silence filled the room for a moment, shortly interrupted as the big guy dealt out a new hand and the jolly talking was back.Colette was living at the university for the most part, with a small dorm of her own, and I would be confined to my bedroom, normally undisturbed, at my nans house.

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