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That and holding one nostril as they blew the snot from their other nostril directly into my mouth.Me being a total bodily fluid slut was taking it all and craving more.

"I'd be willing to take you on for a one month trial to see if you are worthy of my attention," she offered. Abbie was kneeling between her thighs licking her delicious pussy while I did my best to rub, lick and suck her wonderful feet.

When I awoke I groggily saw the two of them standing before me, dress to the nines. and they had obviously not been at work but instead were at a fancy gala.

They were both hot as hell in their little black dresses and were a bit tipsy, so much so they had to take an Uber home. "Well we got the night off and were invited to a party so we went," replied Abbie. She had recently gone goth and she was just as beautiful as ever in her new Emo look. My world was about to come falling down around me and I was fighting hard not to lose it and embarrass myself. "It's no secret that Abbie and I get busy some times when we crash together after work," she began. "Now clean up this nasty mess before I make you lick it up," she demanded.

We agreed to live a more vanilla life and it was a good life.

Little did I know what was going on behind the scenes.

I had to pull it open carefully with my fingers and she was moaning at my attempts to lick her inner walls of her anus.

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