Evemon skill queue not updating

Very important for new players, who typically fill the EWAR role because it is easy to train into, although many mainline ships now make use of some form of EWAR.

Propulsion Jamming, Cloaking, Frequency Modulation, and Long Distance Jamming are the most important and generally useful skills, followed by the skills for specific types of EWAR Signal Suppression, Target painting, Weapon Disruption, and Electronic Warfare.

Note: With the exception of Weapon Upgrades, these skills do not affect Missile Launchers.

Used primarily by the Caldari (and some Minmatar) ships, these skills are the missile versions of the Gunnery skills.

Each skill has three factors that determine how long it will take to complete the next rank: Each subsequent level of a skill takes more time to complete than the previous.

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Once a skill is injected, it is always available to train, wherever you are.

Each character starts with a number of basic skills, including Level 3 in your starting race's frigate skill.

To obtain more skills, you will need to purchase Skillbooks, which can be permanently injected into your character to enable them to learn each skill.

Beginner Skillbooks are relatively inexpensive, but you should ask in the GS_Help channel or Gooniversity on Jabber for assistance and isk to purchase the skills that you need.

Do this as soon as possible - we'll be happy to give you everything you need within minutes of creating a character. Always inject the skills you can immediately by right-clicking on the book and selecting "Inject This Skill".

The higher your character's attributes (shown on your Character sheet's "Attributes" tab), the faster the skill will train.

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