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or they simply marry who they want but feel family pressure about brides who are not indian.

I actually watched a really intersting documentary about indian men who come to the U.

S for job training and such, more often then not it seems once there alone here, they went out of control, sleeping around like crazy.

apparently its become almost a coming of age thing for indian men in america, see how many white women you can sleep with before they go back to india. Relatives trying to match up their kids with other family friends or their children of similar race...seems like that still goes on today in every country.

big meenies,lol While living in a city with a large Indian population I became fascinated with the culture, food, and hinduism.

After a short period I fell into a realtionship with a wonderfull and loving indian woman-- which unfortunatly didn't last. To answer your question: I do think Indian women will date white men, but not all women and not all white men. Asian women & men somtimes don't date Caucasians because they know down the road the family will disapprove (present company not included I adore Caucasian women....

I guess East Asian Americans aren't the only ones who have a dysfunctional gender-relationship with each other...

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If only in the look department, as they'd be a bit taller and lighter skinned, which as I understand it often indicates a higher caste. Because there's about 500 million Indian men and women like some variation too!i'm fortunate enough to pick and choose to be a part of the stuff i like and ignore the stuff i don't....damn beemer....a shame you live in vegas!Ive heard about situations in europe where women of pakistani descent were being murdered by pakistani men because they were dating outside there race, a so called "honor killing", dont know if that has any relevance over here in the US, but if i was a women of middle eastern descent, it would make me think twice about dating a white person thats for suredjianesame thing has happened in canada - a really famous case recently in vancouver,bc actually where her uncles had her killed b/c she married a guy who her family didn't approve of. and the families don't take it out on the guys..women get the punishment for going against the family.indian guys just tend to keep their white gfs as mistresses and marry according to family custom.i don't get along with any of my extended family as i felt they were too suffocating and controlling.it helps that my mother divorced my father when i was 18 so my father can't dictate what i do in my life. there's plenty i like about indian culture - the food, the clothes, some of the celebrations, etc.Personally I've found many asian families to appear conservative to westerners, but really, if contrasted with the rest of their own culture, they're actually very liberal.

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