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Call their office at 313-224-5990, or visit their website at for payment arrangements.Tax deferments are available for senior citizens and legally disabled persons with a total annual household income of less than ,000.Our business center features copy and fax machines at your disposal 24 hours a day.Your spacious suite comes with a safe for your valuables.uid=426 to taxpayers, mortgage companies, real estate offices, title companies, and the general public.You will need to establish a user account by following the prompts.

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We are the only hotel in Detroit that uses renewable energy sources while offering hospitality and features available only in luxury resorts.

Application forms are available at the Treasurers office.

A deferment allows you to pay your Summer taxes, without penalty, on or before February 14 of the following year; and to pay your Winter taxes, without penalty, on or before April 15.

If you do not receive a Summer bill by July 15, or a Winter bill by December 15, and do not have an escrow account, please call the office at the number above and we will mail the bill to you.

If you elect to pay your property taxes through an escrow account, your tax bill will be sent directly to your escrow agent.

Information is also available by calling the Treasurers office above. The penalty increases by of 1% each month on the unpaid amount until February 28.

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