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Despite the existence of comics, cartoons, and other media intended to advertise Transformers toys, Hasbro has routinely commissioned standard television commercials to promote their current toy lines.

These commercials typically use a combination of animation and live-action film featuring the characters/toys in question.

As he tries to explain that he's not King Kong, the scene reverses itself and he finds himself stuck in some sort of time loop.

As the goal of any advertising is to influence the viewer into buying the advertised product, Transformers commercials have naturally played a large part in the perception of the Transformers brand.

The narration of Victor Caroli, along with the animation, enabled Generation 1 commercials to create the idea of a Transformers world with many stories to be told.

Megatron Kid congratulates Cheetor Kid after losing their match.

Toy segment: Two kids ordering food are informed by the lady behind the counter that there is only one order of fries left, so they decide to fight it out with their Transformers.

The Beast Wars ad campaign created a similar feel of a whole world waiting to be explored but this time with organic beasts.

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