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You jerked your head up, except it wasn’t Yoongi that you saw, it was your boyfriend pulling the door to the game room open.“Jungkook come check on Y/N,” Yoongi quickly stood up in relief and pointed at you, unaware that you had snapped back from your trance. ”In that moment, it was like a bucket of ice water was dumped over your head, and instantly you were shaking. You also didn’t feel a thing when he tried to tell you he was over it. You felt your legs buckle beneath you, but somehow, you kept your figure upright. Pride was something that you had put behind you that night, until he said her name, until that exact moment. At that point, you didn’t know if it was your feelings for him that stopped you from letting go; or the simple thought of not giving up. It was only a month and a half in, and what he had said was slowly devouring you.“I think something happened, she’s not responding.”Jungkook blinked in surprise, and walked over carefully, examining you through his long bangs. Wrapping your own hands around your arms, you tried to stop, but you couldn’t. Jungkook reached out his hand, you flinched back a mere centimeter. So three days later, you told him, you wanted to try it out. Every time you saw them standing next to each other, every time they said hi, every time you weren’t with one of them… You joked about his crush on her, you pretended not to notice when they were talking to each other, you never questioned or asked him about it after that.Throughout middle school and high school you had both laughed when your other friends and acquaintances complained about having the same crush with their friend, often the best one.You had only shared one look with each other and shook your heads - you had never liked the same person and thought you never would. He was funny, friendly and awfully handsome, and while you and your friend didn’t talk about it out loud, you were both sold the second he accidentally bumped into you at a café, causing your coffee to drop to the floor, and offered to buy you a new one with a flustered smile all over his face.

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can i have a jun angsty sad scenario where he's dating your best friend that is like a sister to you but you like him and when you're alone you let out ur emotions and go to the bathroom but you walk into her giving him a bj and run away and they get worried or something since you have never cried in front of them??With every little story, your heart ached more, but you always managed to keep a smile on your face and appear fascinated.It tore you apart that even as her best friend, you couldn’t actually feel solely happy for her whenever Jun would surprise her with a present or a fancy dinner.Genre: Angst one-shot series Note: I think this is a pretty angst one… The scene that you saw moments ago was like an old VCR tape on replay, the images were black and white, everything was blurry and it was confusing you. That night after you drunk confessed to him, he gave you answer.“I’m not crazy over you, but if you want, I’m willing to give it a try.”He left the choice to you, whether you wanted to start something with him or not. ”The accusation seemed to take him by surprise, you remember how his cheeks remained unflushed, even though he was both tired and tipsy that night.“It’s not that… Maybe the next sentence was what you regretted the most that night? No fluff or bittersweet whatsoever unlike my usual ones! ”Yoongi’s voice seemed so distant, your eyes unable to focus on his face which was so concerned. Trying to dismiss what he had already started as fast as he could- but you caught on.And, it didn’t take too long for you to fall for him - or for him to fall for your friend.

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