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It was an awesome group and a lovely, civil discussion. It’s actually my favorite food of all time, even better than pizza. I promised I’d post here when it went up, so here you go, but unfortunately I’m at work right now and cannot turn up the volume, so you get to see it before I do.I feel privileged to have been a part of a panel of such wonderful and hardworking advocates! I recommend the chicken pasty, but they also have beef and vegetarian, plus some dessert-y type stuff. Try it, you’ll like it.) Otherwise, So Cal-ites will also get a chance to swing by and say hi at the La Habra Public Library on August 19th at p.m., where I’ll be doing a reading/Q&A! Plus, I really hate hearing my voice/seeing my face on camera, so there’s always this sort of “I can’t bear to look” feeling, so I’ll try to work myself up to it tonight when I get home.I’m still living pretty paycheck-to-paycheck, but have done my best to furnish it over the past almost-year on a shoestring budget. Over the next week and a half, I will be travelling to three Northern areas of the U. I love writing little special notes/doodles in copies of the book. Dates and times are now up on the Upcoming Events page. Come hang out with me :) * * * * * OK, a little bit of juicy news in exchange/apology for being in absentia for so long.I am nothing if not the master thrifter/Craigslister :-P Hope you guys think it’s cute. I’m gonna be all over the place…several Fox Cities Book Festival venues in WI (a university, a couple of libraries), speaking to an awesome-youth-changing-the-world group (California Coalition for Youth) in Sacramento and marching with them to a rally at the State Capitol, and in Pennsylvania I’ll be at the Meeting the Challenge: Educating Homeless Children conference in Harrisburg. I get a lot of people writing very kind letters to me expressing solidarity and asking how stuff is going for me, romantically speaking.Welp, today is the 3rd Annual World Homeless Day/World Homeless Action Day, and the internet is blowing up:!/search/realtime/#worldhomelessday I’ll try to compile a list of media coverage and post it here in the next day or so.It’s a 300 square-foot studio with a small yard for Fez.I love it and, as I mentioned briefly before, I’ve been doing my best to thrift/Craigslist/Free Cycle furnishings for it over the past 10 months.

I met some of the warmest people…some of them even drove from really far away. In Wisconsin I spoke at several libraries, so I got to meet fellow “book people”, which feels like coming home no matter where I’m at!I’ve got a couple of events coming up in November, also, so as soon as I have exact dates and addresses nailed down, I’ll let you know which cities I’ll be dropping into ;) Oh, and I was on Huff Post Live on Monday! This will be my first year voting (I registered last month and I’m super proud and excited to finally take part and have a say in the outcome of this election). It’s last second, I know, but if you’re in So Cal, I’ll be giving a speechy-thingy tomorrow at Casa Youth Shelter’s 10th Annual Teen Summit! They totally deserve so much support and recognition.The conversation was about homeless voting and how many of the new voter ID laws popping up across the nation are disenfranchising the homeless/poor/ethnic/veteran population. It’s open to the public, although Casa prefers that if you choose to attend, you RSVP (more info on the Facebook page for the event here). Also, if you come to Los Al tomorrow, I can guarantee you that the Pasty Kitchen on Katella, a mile away from the event, serves the absolute best food (pasties! It’s this tiny little hole-in-the-wall family-owned place that’s a Los Al institution and is effing DELICIOUS. I didn’t know it was going up today, and have not seen it yet.Some of them had already been in juvenile hall or prison.They’d had rough starts, but here they were, getting their lives back on track and using their experiences to support others.The morning after the conference, we rallied outside of the Capitol Building, and some of the kids told their stories and talked about how they wanted to make a difference in their communities.

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