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Loud dance music, people getting drunk until they pass out. If you live in Saigon, it's not really worth visiting as there is nothing new here. Guys must pay a cover charge of VND50,000 with one free drink.Many Russians girls are alone but they aren't the prettiest.You can subscribe to Vietnamese Cupid before arriving (the price is around 25$ per month).If you have a decent looking profile, you should manage to organize dates with several girls upon arrival.

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The area with an active nightlife is limited to the city center.If you want certainty, you can book a room in one of the two hotels below.Both have a massage parlours where sexual services are provided so you can expect them to be open-minded regarding who you stay with. Rooms are decent for about 20-40 dollars per night.Prices are also very cheap, especially during low season.With a budget, you should have enough to book at least a 3-star hotel, eat in nice beachfront restaurants and drink plenty at night.This can really help you make your stay more enjoyable.

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