Dating sites casual confrontations


I was in all to see the guy who I from time to time would think about. My friends keep telling me to give up but I just couldn't. I contacted him and told him that the personal part of our friendship was pretty much toast, but that his is brilliant at his profession and I still wanted to work with him.

We were introduced and that night we exchanged numbers. My heart has a strong feeling that he is important, though I don't know why. we also became intimate very quickly via email and text. He tried to back out at the last minute but he ended up meeting me anyway. (we are in compatible businesses and can share clients. We work together fantasticaly and we also have discovered even more things/attitudes/likes /dislikes etc we have in common personally.

Word of advice, follow his lead, stay friends as long as you can, because we love our freedom, and we are outgoing.

At the time we were both in relationships so we would have casual conversation. Wow, I work with this hot, sexy, fun; Aquarian..caught my eye the moment we met. However, I have notice that he makes an effort to talk to me when no one is around. I have not come on to him, I have not said anything, nor have I flirted with him. This has been going on for about 3 months and we talk every day either via phone, text or email or all in any one day - weekends included. He si going on a two week trip and when Ijokingly said that he was going to miss me he got ruffled and said that we arejust friends. Hi Aries lady(libra moon), I had the same experience with aquarius sun capricorn moon. Coming over to sit at my table during lunch, staring at me during lunch! Got jealous when I talk more to another guy at lunch.

Two months into our friendship he broke up with his girl and a month after I broke up with my guy. He gets nervous around me and ignores me in group situations. He appears cold and i feel him staring at me from a distance and i shiver. Recently, like today, I noticed he would not make eye contact with me when we were talking business alone in his office. Remember, I am a cool reserved Virgo on the outside and smoking hot Virgo on the inside. I have known him at workplace for more than 1 year. He showed signs of liking me, finding chances to come talk to me over trivial matters etc. :) I'm a scorp and I have been dating this aqua male For two months things move very fast with us, the first time we meet we both were blown away with each other, he wanted me and.

i am married to a gemini, his best friend is an aquarius.

my marriage is ok, and i would never consider doing anything with my husbands best friend but...i am just curious what my husbands friend thinks about me.

About 11 years about I saw this young man who for some reason or another he stayed on my mind for years to come. Does being drunk lower the guard down of a aquarius, i.e. During this event, I feel different for him but does he feel the same way too?

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