Dating hogarth prints

Executed during Johann Friedrich Städel’s lifetime, the engravings are among the Städel’s oldest holdings and mirror the critical spirit inherent to this institution since its founding.The exhibition is being sponsored by the Hessische Kulturstiftung. In keeping with an early eighteenth-century fashion, his father Richard opened a coffee house at which only Latin was spoken.He thus took a stand against the hierarchization of the visual arts, a firmly entrenched principle of academy doctrine which granted classical history painting pride of place.With his printmaking works, he succeeded in creating a new, up-to-date genre based on the keen observation of reality.Hogarth provided satirical imagery attacking the foibles of society while promoting a vision of a more wholesome society.Indeed, in the American colonies, Hogarth’s engraving vied with Biblical stories to instill profound moral lessons to the aspiring middle classes. In 1713, after his father’s release, William Hogarth began an apprenticeship as a silver engraver where he also learned the rudiments of the complex techniques of intaglio printing ‒ engraving and etching.Following his seven-year training, he went into business for himself as an engraver and attended the privately run St Martin’s Lane Academy, an art school in London, to acquire the art of painting.

The man, Lord Portmore, is wearing his Parisian finery, while the monkey reads a menu listing French dishes.

Even the pictures on the wall make fun of fashionable body shapes and the means to achieve them: vast skirts supported on hoops, corsets and high-heeled shoes.

In the foreground is a dressed-up monkey reading from a dinner menu offering 'cox combs, ducks tongues, rabbits ears and fricasey of snails'.

Object Type This print by William Hogarth is an etching.

The action of acid was used to make a pattern of grooves on a copper printing plate.

The business failed, and Richard Hogarth had to serve five years in London’s notorious Fleet Prison for failure to pay his debts.

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