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Before Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat (and after AOL chat rooms and Friendster had lost their popularity…sorry, old friends), there was My Space.

This beautiful little blip in post-Geocities 2000s culture was where those who had trouble with not being awkward in person could carve out a little part of the Internet of their own that showcased them as whomever they wanted to be. There were a few challenges we all had to work through to make sure we were representing the most effortlessly cool version of ourselves before we could be considered pros.

One mistake and BAM, all our Internet cool creds could be gone in an instant.

So in honor of the My Space “Top 8,” here are the eight biggest struggles everyone with a My Space account knew to be true in the beautiful time period we call the early- to mid-2000s.

If this occurs, and the copyright holder makes sure to satisfy requirements under the UK Data Protection Act the DMCA Agent will produce any information it has in response to the court-authorised legal notice.I used a lot of song lyrics and a lot of quotes from , as depressing of a movie as it is).Crossing your fingers for that blinking “New Message!The allegedly infringing person will then has the option to send a counter-notice to the DMCA Agent.If this occurs, the Agent will immediately send a copy of it to the person who made the claim.Picking your “Top 8” Speaking of the elusive Top 8, going to the page of someone you consider a good friend and not seeing your profile among theirs was kind of like the feeling we got when we were picked last for a sports team in P. You’d have to take action immediately to make sure they weren’t on your Top 8 either, lest you look desperate. Choosing the right profile picture Similarly, perfecting that “My Space angle” was a little harder back before we had front-facing camera phones.

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