Dating a winchester 94 rifle


Thank goodness invention is the mother of necessity.Today you can shop for an offset scope mount (also known as a “scout-type” mount.

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Since this was one of the guns that “won the West,” you also might think it would have a prominent place in the sport of Cowboy Action Shooting—but that’s not the case.However, in 1893, he outdid himself with a new Winchester model, the lever-action rifle that would become known as the Model ’94.Loading is easily accomplished by feeding the rounds through the port on the right side of the rifle.The solution was to substitute a stamped sheet metal and roll pin design for those same parts that had long been made of forged steel.In addition, the steel buttplate was swapped for one made of plastic and the traditional bluing seen on the barrel and receiver was traded for a less durable finish.To chamber a round, pull the lever completely open (finger off the trigger of course) and close it again.

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