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People poke fun at me for being a total nerd, but on the other hand isn’t it fantastic when someone loves learning and gets excited over Albert Einstein’s quotes!? In many cases people hold their self-worth lower than other people. Example: If you need to lose weight, tell yourself that you are so worth cooking healthy food for.

And yes, I’m pretty bad about functioning in the morning but, maybe that just means I have more energy in the afternoon! You are gorgeous and fabulous and deserve to take a little time out of your busy day to exercise.

It just means that instead of bashing myself all day, I try to be nicer and more appreciative.

The way my body looks drives me bonkers since giving birth to twins but, ahh isn’t it nice how my belly stretched to absurd greats just to accommodate two new lives-kind of magical no?

I’m pretty sure they will be respectful of you and do their business away from you or they’ll warn you before they do so you don’t have to witness.

But, please, please know how hurtful it can be when someone does this: I was at work a while back when I went to eat lunch with a bunch of friends/co-workers.

I…” -“No excuses, I don’t want to hear them, you need to just man up”, replied my co-worker.

I shot him a big “THANK YOU” look and we all went back to our lunch.

(Sometimes this means I tell my husband to take it away from me but, hey, same outcome) Maybe one of these days you could plan a date night for you and yourself.We should expect to feel healthy and if we don’t we should strive to figure out what is between us and feeling great and then work towards feeling wonderful again. I would imagine the dark red flowing through the tubing and it would just make me want to pass out or throw up.Maybe we’ll never feel wonderful but, most can get pretty close with a lot of hard work. Sometimes the nurse would have to put a cotton ball soaked in ammonia under my nose because it looked like I was “going to go” (meaning pass out).Non-diabetics out there, if this is you, there is something I plead with you NOT to do. No need to start hollering about how you get goose bumps or all tingly when you see us do our “freaky” and oh so necessary things.Don’t cringe when you see your diabetic friend or family member prick their finger or give an injection. If you have a serious phobia towards blood and needles, tell your diabetic friend in private.After all, we are all worth treating ourselves right, right?

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