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It was a norm in Ancient Greece for athletes to exercise and compete in the nude.

In Western culture, nudity in sport in the modern context became popular only in the 19th century.

In 2007, this annual contest will take place for the 35th time in the camping ground Kažela close to Medulin/Croatia (June, 7th to June, 10th 2007). Another popular nudist sport event is the International Nudist Swimming Gala held by the International Naturist Federation in a different European city in early November every year.

The top event of naturist sport in Europe (and perhaps worldwide) is the famous International Naturist Sports Week in Hungarian naturist camping and recreational center of Sziksósfürdő near Szeged.

Volleyball was perfect for naturism/nudism since most clubs were small and a volleyball court didn't require much space but involved many people.

The game was also inclusive in that it supported varying levels of athleticism and did not require much equipment.

The word gymnasium (Latin; from Greek gymnasion, being derived from Greek gymnos, meaning "naked"), originally denoting a place for the intellectual, sensual, moral and physical education of young men as future soldiers and (certainly in democracies) citizens (compare ephebos), is another testimony of the nudity in physical exercises.

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