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ruins of war to the Chongqing Museum donated 469 precious historical relics during the war, in which more is there for the first time in the bloody break Chongqing debut flight Clothing Donation in 469 years, including more than 10 pieces of Flying Tigers pilots clothing, more than 20 pieces of American servicemen Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal and identity cards, as well as the Flying Tigers of documents, the Air Force compass Stilwell and Chennault and a bronze statue, these are debut in Chongqing.

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Participants will visit the beautiful, 7.400-acre Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge, home to scores of the wild bird species found in northwest Missouri.

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Emblazoned with the Chinese, English, Thai, Burmese. And as long as people see blood characters, you can immediately distinguish between friend or foe Because the passage of time, it is difficult to see so well preserved blood character jackets, Chongqing is currently the only one. Artifacts are mostly bought, Yunlong, who lives in Zhuzhou City Metro nearby Huang Jingjing, 15, read a junior high school in Zhuzhou city.

March 18 morning, Huang Jingjing to physical discomfort to the teacher to leave the grounds and go to class while the teacher left the school.

Huang Huang Jingjing's father and school teacher universally viewed the school gate monitoring, found Huang Jingjing out of school at around pm still have not seen my daughter came home yellow universal panicked, reported the matter to the local public security organs, and mobilize friends around Looking Huang, who arrived overnight Cosmopolitan Yuetang construction Xiangtan intersection, reported the matter to the police station Yuetang Dongping.

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