Chateline sex survey


Few things can ruin a relationship or a marriage like obsessive jealousy can.

It all started with the mouth-agape look of shock when America’s favorite dad – Bill Cosby – was accused.

What that poor girl must have been thinking and feeling is mind-numbing and it breaks my heart.

My heart breaks for these women, how they must have felt, helpless and scared.

WYCD titled their coverage “Happy Men Do Housework!

” Fark went for the accurate title “Study claims men are happiest when sharing the housework.” As far as I can tell (if anyone can find the actual paper, please let me know) the claim that men are happier is a comparison of happiness ratings between those who split the housework and those who do none.

If you ever feel threatened or in a position like any of these…and I hope you never will…then I should hope you take immediate action.

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