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“It’s brought a lot of people in that don’t normally shop with us,” Lee said.

Volunteers will also share stories of the people who stop by to donate.

These items range anywhere from kids toys and clothes to kitchenware and home decor.

Volunteers even go the extra mile to clean items and wash and iron the clothes they receive.

Now, more than 70 people volunteer at the thrift shop, and almost all of them are between the ages of 65 and 90.

Some volunteers joke that Grannies’ Attic is the “Nordstrom of thrift stores.” Donors drop off their donations at the back of the shop, where volunteers sort through materials for “gently-used” items they can sell.

When she heard that proceeds from Grannies’ Attic went to benefit programs and patients of Good Samaritan Hospital, it struck a chord with Litchfield, a former Buckley preschool teacher.

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Another great area you may want to visit is our Activity Room where you can seek out things to do to ensure you quality time with your grandchildren (again we encourage you to submit your own activity ideas to share with the community).“They got really passionate about it and they saw they could do other things to support the hospital,” Celebrate Seniority supervisor Deborah Gurney said.The group took on the name Grannies’ Attic after visiting another Granny’s Attic in Vashon.Our admin team work tirelessly to manually check every profile registered on Senior Chatters for accuracy and authenticity.That way you can be sure that the people you chat with are here for the very same reasons that you are.Those I reached out to with friendship requests accepted immediately and wrote me such encouraging messages to welcome me to the site. Happy I Found This Site"Hi I have just started here on SC and am happy I found this site, I love to sit back and chat and also I like to just sit back and look at others chatting and discussing topics, at times I would put my six pence (figure of speech) in lol,any how so far everyone here is very enjoyable and pleasant to chat with,right now am going through different areas and learning more each day,once again am happy to be here ." Dumplin Still not convinced?

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