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Records indicate that some professions were undertaken by both sexes while others were restricted to either male or female workers.

There are male and female supervisors at the mixed workshops as evident by the higher rations they have received with little difference in the amount of rations between the two sexes.

Descriptions of the sexual activities between Liu Chang and the Persian woman in the Song dynasty book the "Ch'ing-i-lu" by T'ao Ku were so graphic that the "Memoirs of the Research Department of the Toyo Bunko (the Oriental Library), Issue 2" refused to provide any quotes from it while discussing the subject.The rations they received are based on skill and the level of responsibility they assumed in the workplace.The professions are divided by gender and listed according to the amount of ration.He nicknamed her Mei Zhu, which means "Beautiful Sow" (美豬).Liu liked the Persian girl (Mei Zhu) because of her olive skin colour.The Wu Tai Shï says that Liu Ch'ang [劉鋹, Emperor of the Southern Han dynasty reigning at Canton, about AD 970].

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