Camreal live rooms


“There has been a stunning improvement in our image quality on film and still photography as a result of these lights,” said Woody Nuss, Production Manager of the Conga Room-LA Live.

“The room now has a beautiful even light field, and the improved image resolution that results from this is obvious even to casual observers.

“We can change the whole tone of the room and suit our various clients’ wishes by changing colors.” The quiet operation of the moving fixtures and ellipsoidals also has made the Conga Room-LA Live more video-friendly.

“We get a lot of feedback about how nice it is that our place is so quiet when it’s hosting location shoots and press conferences,” said Nuss.

Evadarea depinde in primul rand de voi, insa va poate ajuta si timpul suplimentar avut la dispozitie.

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The club is typically filled to capacity on concert and “club nights,” when the lights that created a suave, elegant and sophisticated tone for events and productions one night are turned loose the next to sweep up the crowd with their intense rapid movements, sharp crisscrossing beams and bewitching gobos.You get to choose the type of conversations you want to have.When opening up our random Chat Rooms section, you will be presented with multiple rooms to choose from.“Touring LDs are extremely happy with the new movers as soon as they arrive.“We really have a few different lighting modes here,” said Nuss.This system can switch between every view in the building including all of the recording rooms and the control room, and even the outside cameras for detecting when other band members arrive or when the pizza guy shows up.

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