Cacti weather map not updating


The following is an example of these diagrams, but there are many more at the weathermap gallery.By default, weathermap will not do any polling by itself, instead, it takes the data that cacti has been monitoring, and presents it in a different format. I installed cacti 0.8.6.j with puling architecture and thold, monitor, ntop, mactrack I installed weathermap0.8.2 I can access to page editor create a map, put a node and link BUT when I click in node properties and link properties, I cant use the data sources of cacti (the box is empty without options) like if no have relation with cacti.

This is in the URL when you look at that host’s details on the Manage…Devices section of Cacti.For the node, you can now collect the current status.Now the ‘in’ and ‘out’ traffic values collected for this node are actually the current cacti host status, from 0 to 5. SCALE cactiupdown 0 0.5 192 192 192 SCALE cactiupdown 0.5 1.5 255 0 0 SCALE cactiupdown 1.5 2.5 0 0 255 SCALE cactiupdown 2.5 3.5 0 255 0 SCALE cactiupdown 4.5 5.5 128 128 128 NODE mynode POSITION 100 100 TARGET cactihost:22 USESCALE cactiupdown in Now our node will change colour in a more useful way.When placing links, start with the SOURCE that the graph data uses.So if you have a link between switches 1 and 2, and you will track that with switch 1's graphs, then select switch 1 first. (below in the cleanup section, we will be able to fix backwards graphs if you make a mistake.)Go on doing this for all the links that you want to monitor.Network Weather Map is a fantastic way of providing a "manager overview" of the network.

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