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PMTPO /Poir\ ‘News aid’, the new aid: a case study of Cambodia V News aid’, the new aid: a case study of Cambodia Submitted to the International Communication Division for the 2001 AEJMC Convention by J. Clarke Department of Journalism Hong Kong Baptist University Hong Kong (852) 23397465 (tel.) (852) 23361691 (fax) jlc @ hk ‘News aid’, the new aid: a case study of Cambodia INTRODUCTION Aid has since the early 1960s been a permanent feature of relations between rich and poor countries.The ostensible aim is to enable those with surplus resources to improve the lifestyle of those lacking them.Grubb); "Revealing and Repenting South Korea's Vietnam Massacre: A Frame Analysis of a Korean News Weekly’s Engagement in Public Deliberation" (Nam-Doo Kim); "Echoes in Cyberspace: Searching for Civic-Minded Participation in the Online Forums of 'BBC MUNDO, ’ 'Chosun Ilbo, ' and 'The New York Times'" (Maria E.Len-Rios, Jaeyung Park, and Dharma Adhikari) ; "Going Global: Choosing the Newspapers We'll Need To Read in the Digital Age" (Richard R.One of the new features of aid coming from both these changes was a desire to support ‘good governance’, that is, to provide help which would encourage the establishment and maintenance of democratic institutions.

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At the same time, efforts were being made on the part of donors to address some of the criticisms of aid and be more responsible in ensuring its effectiveness.

The leader in news media terms is the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), which parlayed its championing of a ‘new world information order’ in the 1970s into supporting freedom of the press in developing nations in the 1990s.

A 1999 report by the British Council (1999) on aid to the media listed in Europe alone 18 funding agencies and 64 organisations, including universities, that were working in training or in an advisory capacity.

ASSISTANCE TO THE NEWS MEDIA: GENERAL One trend in aid donation over the last decade has been the move away from aid given directly by governments to the use as intermediaries of nongovernmental organisations (NGOs) for disbursing funds and implementing projects.

Thus the number of NGOs has proliferated: The Economist (2000) reports that there are 25,000 international NGOs in 1995 and vast numbers of domestic ones, the figure in America being about 2 million and in Russia, where none existed before 1991, about 65,000.

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