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We can also populate our imagination with generations and communities of people making different choices.'This dating programme has far-reaching significance beyond the early Neolithic monuments in southern Britain.

When what you do is in alignment with who you are, you get energy from doing it. I’ve found my passion and I’m living it every single day.

Government policy on the re-development of Brownfield Sites requires many buildings to be constructed on specialist (non-traditional) foundations.

Carley Daines & Partners have vast experience in the design of specialist foundations, particularly piled solutions, vibro-compacted solutions, and raft type foundations where appropriate.

You will often lose track time and be so engulfed in your work.

When you are doing what you love, your passion for it is obvious to others and that makes the difference between a rewarding career and a job.

An artist's impression of the Whitehawk causewayed enclosure in Sussex that was built in 3650BC - it was only used for 200 years.

Some 90 causewayed enclosures are known to exist in Britain but traces of them are now hard to detect Evidence for violence like burnt ramparts and people killed by arrowheads typical of the time has also been uncovered by the research in some enclosures, such as Crickley Hill in Gloucestershire and Maiden Castle and Hambledon Hill in Dorset.

Find Out More Much of the United Kingdom suffers from contaminated land due to its industrial heritage.However, she frequently takes these same principles and applies them to professional settings, because she finds people encounter similar challenges there.Windmill Hill, a large Neolithic causewayed enclosure in Avebury, Wiltshire, was previously thought to have been built between 37BC.Due to difficult ground conditions many buildings have to be constructed on specialist (non-traditional) foundations.As a dating and relationship coach, her focus is often on communication in the personal lives of men and women.This well established Structural Engineering partnership finds its roots dating back to 1982, over 30 years ago.

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