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Which is bull because if that was so, all you would want is for me to be happy.""People need to seriously stop judging my relationship. Pretty sure it's my own decision who I want to be with. We will have rough patches, just like every other relationship. She was born in a place called Chickasaw County, which lies in Mississippi of United States of America.She belongs to the ethnicity white and nationality American.Whitney Houston's daughter has a wedding in the works.Bobbi Kristina Brown — daughter of the legendary musician and R&B singer Bobby Brown — is engaged to Nick Gordon, whom Houston referred to as her "son" prior to her February 2012 death. Goodnight." Bobbi Kristina referred to Gordon as her "gorgeous fiance" in an Instagram caption on July 3.

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She married Jim Stafford in the year 1978 but this relationship of hers also could not last more than a year and the couple went through the process of divorce.Looks like no one is immune from thinking it is weird that Bobbi Kristina Brown is dating the guy she used to consider her "brother" -- because even their closest friends were shocked by the news ... As TMZ first reported, Bobbi feels she's doing nothing wrong by dating Nick Gordon, the guy her mother Whitney Houston unofficially adopted 10 years ago.According to our sources, Bobbi broke the news to her friends at a BBQ this week ...She is a legendary singer and songwriter and her amazing work and contributions to music will never be forgotten. At this age she has achieved almost everything as a singer and she will always be alive in music lover’s hearth after her death also. She was born in the year 1944 on 27th of July and this makes her age 70 at this time.She can make dead emotions turn lively as such powerful her voice is.

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