Black panthers intemidating voters

They’ll even recruit illegals to add to their voter base. La Faro serves as the Maricopa County Republican Party Chairman.

Are you trying to think up some intimidating or unusual fantasy football team names this year? *Redskins send K Dustin Hopkins to IR, sign UDFA Nick Rose. *Saints trade RB Adrian Peterson to the Cardinals *ARZ RB David Johnson out 2-3 months with dislocated wrist. *After less than two weeks, BUF WR Anquan Boldin retires.

You’re annoying me.” La Faro: “One of your ballots isn’t sealed.” Guy: “It’s none of your business. ” Then La Faro reported that the man kept stuffing the ballot box, event taking pictures before leaving.

The man left with one of the ballots (presumably the unsealed one) and came back minutes later to put it in the box.

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As he left he said “go f*** yourself, gringo” to La Faro.

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