Benefits consolidating systems dating old enamel coffee pots

Business consolidation is one means by which a company can become an industry leader.

With greater size, the business can establish a regional or national brand and gain greater purchasing power.

By closing one plant, the company decreases its labor and overhead costs as well as its capital expenditures.“Person to Goods” systems generally result in 30 to 60 lines per hour, per person, while automated storage “Goods to Person” systems can result in rates of 150 to up to nearly 300 lines per hour per person.For more information on storage consolidation benefits, warehouse space optimization solutions, mezzanines, or vertical lift modules, call Outsource Equipment today at 877-741-6711.Continue reading about the many warehouse consolidation benefits.Have a System that Allows You to Use Overhead Space Probably the most important aspect of consolidating multiple facilities into one is to ensure that you fully use all the space in the consolidated facility – even all the vertical space.This process is designed to lower overhead and production costs, create additional revenue streams, attract skilled managers and achieve economies of scale.

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