Backdating policy


Independent contractors are not University employees and are not paid through Payroll Services or eligible for benefits.

Factors indicating that payment should be made as independent contractor rather than employee include: Each employee must take responsibility for his or her job performance, professional development, and growth.

Alternative schedules must not conflict with other University policies, or state or federal regulations, and once agreed upon, should remain stable except when special needs arise.

Regularly scheduled positions typically fall into one of two categories for purposes of compensation: In addition to regular work schedules, non-regular schedules may be appropriate.

This assignment is based on a predetermined and agreed upon time frame that is of a specific duration needed to meet a business need and/or a staff contract or grant program.

Limited term employees receive benefits following the same policies as a regular employee and are “at will” employees.

This summer schedule is typically observed beginning the week after commencement in May through the week before students return for the fall semester in August.

Specific information and dates for the observance of summer hours are published each spring by the Office of Human Resources.

Pay is provided either on a salaried or hourly basis in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act ( overtime provisions.The University is committed to providing managers with the tools, training and information necessary to make sound compensation decisions.Each manager is responsible for ensuring that performance management processes are completed each year for regular and limited term employees and that increases to base pay are based on performance and within policy guidelines, to ensure equity and consistency throughout the University.The University observes a standard office workweek of Monday through Friday, am to pm with a one hour meal break.However, many departments offer alternative schedules and shifts as appropriate to their needs.Supervisors must approve alternative work pattern arrangements, and the operating needs of the department must take precedence.

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