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But you'll be surprised at how many challenging real-time strategy or RTS games are topping our free browser games list.

Also called MMORTS, because of their massively multiplayer online component, these games can compete with the fun factor of paid box titles like Star Craft. Most of these require no download and MMORTS is easy to pick up even if you're new to the genre.

You'll be surprised at how difficult some no download MMORPG titles can be – just because they're free, doesn't mean they're easy! Besides, if you happen to play one of the harder browser games, you can use our guides or ask around in our forums. You'll sure to find some buddies to help you out, whether it's choosing the best no download MMORPG or reaching the endgame in your favorite browser games.

Free No Download MMORPG – this is probably the first time you've heard of such a thing.

Much like the otaku nerd who marries his virtual girlfriend on his Gameboy Advance (yes, that actually happened), people in MMORPGs tend to want to take their virtual relationship to the next level. One day, we’re all being nerdy and drinking sodas and cracking extremely intricate inside jokes when we notice she is having some kind of huge event on that game she always plays. The point is, what exactly is the point of an in-game wedding?

We then learn it is a wedding between her and another person in the game. I can understand it from a roleplayer’s perspective, if two are involved and getting married. Are these people really taking their relationship seriously, and having an in-game wedding to represent that?

It requires quite a bit more thinking and planning and knowing what your opponent is going to do.

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But if you like simpler, bite-size games with a lot of heart, then you'll enjoy the catalogue of browser games and free no download MMORPGs here in MMO Play. There are fantasy role-playing titles, fun platformers and intense shooters.

MMO Play delivers some of the latest and most popular browser games. Spend a couple of hours on each browser game then switch to another one if you get bored.

Before long, you'll find that perfect game for you.

You can explore the bizarre free-to-play world of Feel Online by visiting its newglobal site.

If you’re an old fogey like me, you’ve seen just about every kind of weirdness an MMORPG community can offer. A long time ago, a trimmer, younger me used to hang out with a lot of very odd nerds.

Above: Someone’s about to get hit with the ‘ending friendship’ hammer Above: ANGames CEO Kevin Kim explains Feel Online.

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