Angeleyes cam

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Ten years later, Angel Eye continues to invest in their technology, team and passion to keep families connected throughout each phase of neonatal care. The comfort you gave us as first time parents with our newborn in the NICU is truly priceless.” “Angel Eye was truly a lifesaver for us, being two hours away from our son.

I am so grateful Le High Valley Hospital in Pennsylvania had them.

The Angel Eye's DVR has a built-in 2.4" color LCD screen with two selectable display resolutions: 800 x 600 and 320 x 240.

These adjustable settings also allow you to maximize battery life.The highest video recording resolution creates larger files that take up more space on a micro SD card while the lowest recording resolution creates smaller sized files, which consume less storage memory. As such, the highest recording resolution supports approximately 25 minutes of media per gigabyte while the lowest resolution supports approximately 85 minutes of media per gigabyte. A 5 sheet instruction set in English is packed in the box. It'll be fuzzy, but maybe I can get ring definition. I see that your signature shows you have a Samsung Galaxy S7. I am very new to telescopes and astrophotography so I'm just sharing my experience and not trying to discount your purchase. There is absolutely no language except Chinese on the box, or the unit itself. There a no threads to attach filters or such to the unit. I'd love to take down a few trees, but they belong to neighbors so... I never did expect to get awe inspiring shots out of it. Have you considered buying a smartphone holder and using your cell phone camera?This Button Camera comes with multiple interchangeable button-style lens attachments that conceal the camera, making it perfect for covert recording.

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