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It is about Ruth, a middle aged lady who lives alone and finds out her big Lab, Bear, wants her hot pussy as he rapes her.***I have lived alone since my divorce several years ago and have a home sort of in the rural suburbs.

I work a part time job and have a big Lab named Bear that is my watch dog since I am alone most of the time.

All I could do was take his monster doggie cock as fucked me, my puffy pussy so tight around his cock.I try to keep my pussy well shaven as it turns me on to see my fat pussy lips taking my toys. I am also an internet junkie and love to get online as I have several different accounts.One of my favorite things is to chat on instant message with my lady friends and a few men I have met online.As I started to raise up, Bear came over and tried to put his head between my legs.I had never had him do this before and it was something I never paid any attention to until now.I felt his hot cock as it plunged into me, filling me with his cock as it almost took my breath away.

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