Accomodating the elderly counselors term paper


The assumption is that the elderly have lost the ability to think clearly, to learn new things and they are generally incapable of any physical activity other than walking or sitting.

This attitude also carries over into the health treatment that older Americans receive.

(The angry old codger image) Instead of taking the role as leaders in their families or in the community as is the case in some countries, the elderly in our country, even after successful careers in earlier years, simply become invisible.

They waste their prodigious talents traveling, entertaining, socializing, watching TV or playing golf.

Rob Stall Americans' Attitudes on Aging American society in general glorifies youth and fears or even despises old age.

This is not the case in many other societies where age is associated with wisdom, knowledge and special status.

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With that goal in mind, we have created the largest and most comprehensive source of long term care planning material available anywhere.There is a great deal of anecdotal and research evidence that demonstrates older people can learn, can retain memory and can be actively involved in business and in the community.The lack of physical exercise, social involvement and mental stimulation in older Americans often leads to these people losing the ability to use their minds and their bodies.The negative attitude towards aging on the part of an older person has a direct impact on that person's health. Research has shown that poor health does not have to be an inevitable consequence of growing older.Many studies show that people who are physically active have less joint pain, lower blood pressure, less depression, fewer heart attacks and a lower incidence of cancer. Death is inevitable, but, for many people, it need not be preceded by a slow, painful, and disability- ridden decline.As Americans age we fear the deterioration of our bodies and the possible lack of security due to low income -- a byproduct of old-age.

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