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The actress who married her boyfriend distributor-producer Amit Kapoor in December 2013 delivered a baby boy at a Mumbai hospital on Monday, September 14.The news was revealed by her mother-in-law Shabnam Kapoor. Nikhil's plan hits a snag when the astrologer called to select an auspicious marriage date chooses one just four days ahead.In a last-ditch effort to throw the wedding off, the trio decide to hire a woman to play Nikki's mother, having her object to her "daughter's" marriage but are apparently unsuccessful in their attempts.They would then portray the American girl in a bad light and Aamna in a good light to help sway his family's opinion.With help from Hakim's regular patient Sukha Paaji, they settle on Nikki (Linda Arsenio), an American girl with strong Indian values, who both Nikhil and Hakim train to come across as a bit spoiled.

Although initially against it, Nikhil's family agrees to his choice after some convincing from Hakim.

Chhadami, who has been able to free himself, rushes to the court to warn Purushottam of Nikhil's scheme.

A smiling Purushottam is seen coming out of the court having wedded Nikhil and Aamna.

Resigned to their fates, Nikhil, Nikki and Aamna head to court unable to find a way out.

Confusion abounds at the court as two women show up claiming to be Nikki's mother, objecting to the marriage.

His orthodox Punjabi family comprising of his father Purushottam (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), his grandmother Beeji (Dolly Ahluwalia), his confused mother Seeto (Meenakshi Sethi) and an always suspicious uncle Chhadami Mama (Sanjai Mishra) are keen to get him married and scout potential matches.

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