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A great deal can be learned about what is happening in the lives of your children while you are chauffeuring them and their friends around to various activities.Listen to what they say to each other in your presence and you can identify clues that someone is bringing pornography and/or sexually explicit language into your child’s world.Then, select “First time registrant” and proceed as prompted in the registration process.

One of the most valuable resources available to a parent for finding out what’s happening in his or her child’s life is “car talk”.

The child molester knows this behavior will not be tolerated. So, how can parents recognize when someone is using these tools to trap their child?

Communication is key to learning whether an adult who interacts with your child is grooming your child through the use of sexually explicit material and language.

Communication includes talking with your child, listening to your child, and learning all you can about your child’s world.

Speak Up Talk with your child about “adult” material.

The on-line re-certification session is intended only for those who have already completed the 3-hour in-person PGC training for adults and who have to be re-certified within 5 years.

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