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4th Quarter, — Patriots 30, Raiders 8 The Raiders are on the board after a nine-yard touchdown connection by Carr to Cooper.The receiver dove for the end zone and tapped the pylon for the score.The Raiders are 2-for-4 on fourth down attempts today.4th Quarter, : Bill Belichick is challenging the spot of an obvious Jared Cook catch, because he obviously wants to stay in Mexico City for a few minutes longer.Crabtree was alone in the end zone and Carr hit him for the two-point conversion.4th Quarter, : Carr went too deep to Johnny Holton in the end zone, and after the play Holton threw a slap to Jonathan Jones’ helmet.Figures released by the Policy Exchange think-tank unveiled the top ten most integrated places and the top ten most segregated places based on data from the 2011 census.

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4th Quarter, : Danny Amendola is back on the field, and just hauled in a six-yard catch on first down.

3rd Quarter, — Patriots 27, Raiders 0 Ho hum, just a 51-yard field goal by Gostkowski this time.

3rd Quarter, : La Adrian Waddle just had all 300 pounds of Treyvon Hester roll up on him, and New England’s backup right tackle is limping off of the field. 3rd Quarter, : The Patriots are ripping into this Oakland defense right now.

The figures on integration came as MPs and council leaders called for asylum seekers to be more fairly dispersed around the country as figures showed towns housing the highest proportion were in the north of England, Scotland and Wales.

Dave Budd, the elected mayor of Middlesbrough, which is the only local authority to have surpassed the Government's guideline of one asylum seekers per 200 residents, said it had 'far exceeded its fair allocation'.

4th Quarter, : They just announced today’s attendance of 77,357.

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